Kodak CX7530 Digital Camera

Kodak CX7530 Digital CameraWhy do we use digital cameras, or any other camera for that matter?  For most digital photographers the answer is simple – to preserve memories of things we love (or find disgusting) to share with friends and family – but also for ourselves.  We enjoy looking at photos and remembering how we felt at that particular time – or what compelled us to capture this particular moment.  I’ve never heard anyone say they didn’t know why they had taken a photo, have you?

Based on the most common reason people take digital photos – to preserve memories – what is it that we need a digital camera to do?  It seems like a digital camera would need to:

  • Have enough MegaPixels to take crisp clear images
  • Be light-weight enough to take anywhere
  • Be easy to use
  • Not cost a lot of money
  • Not require a lot of repairs

Most Kodak CX7530 Digital Camera owners say this digital camera meets their needs.  It provides reasonably clear photos with, is easy to throw in your pocket, or purse.  In addition the Kodak CX7530 digital camera has enough features to help you take good digital images under a variety of scenarios (outside/inside, etc.) while remaining easy enough for a beginner to use.  The Kodak CX7530 is reasonable priced – in the mid-range – and seems to hold up well under normal use.

The biggest negative regarding the Kodak CX7530 digital camera seems to be that batteries don’t hold a charge as well as some Kodak CX7530 owners believe they should.  Kodak CX7530 digital camera owners who appear to be satisfied with the life of rechargeable batteries in the Kodak CX7530 cite investing in a really good brand of rehargeable batteries – do not try using the cheap brands.  This seems to eliminate the issue.