Kodak Printer EasyShare 5500

Kodak EasyShare 5500 All-in-One Printer Print, Copy, Scan, and Fax (1600105)

Kodak PrintersKodak has developed a revolutionary inkjet system Easyshare 5500 that gives you crisp, sharp black documents and brilliant photos that last a lifetime. Save up to 50% on everything you print.

  • Print, copy, scan, and fax
  • High-resolution 2.4 in. (6.1 cm) color display for easy photo cropping
  • Easy, one-click photo printing from most memory cards
  • 35-page automatic document feeder makes copying, scanning, and faxing simple
  • Efficient and easy two-sided printing

Kodak Printer Reviews:

“This is the best machine I have ever had. Although being honest, and fair with other reviewers, you may experience some trouble as I did. But for giving this printer less that 5 stars, you must’ve been unlucky! All the specs under the product profile work perfect, so please believe them. I would just add the feature of scanning right to a SD or memory stick with no PC at all. I’ve tried all features, from printing to copying, from faxing to scanning and found them quite easy to work with. Use Kodak high quality photo paper, otherwise your pictures may look blury. And please, get awsome professional-quality pictures at home at a price you could just have ever imagined.”

“First of all, I got it at Sam’s Club for an unbelievable $99 plus tax, which is why I bought it. I was considering buying it for awhile, but when I saw that price, that was it. I certainly didn’t need it, I just wanted it because it looks so good..and for the double sided printing. That said, here goes: The set-up was more involved than any other printer I’ve had, but it still wasn’t that bad. The partial-assembly items installed with little difficulty. Note: My printer suddenly powered down during the calibration phase. The matter was easily resolved by unplugging it for a few minutes. After that, no more hitches. The comprehensive menu is easy to use whether it be from the control panel or by using the software. As of the writing of this, I had just installed software and firmware upgrades and have not retested it. Hopefully nothing is screwed up. But prior to that everything I tested(everything except the fax, and that will be soon) worked as advertised. 4×6 photos were among the best I’ve seen so far(using Kodak paper), ranking ahead of everything to date except the outstanding HP 7360 printer I also own, and it easily matches that. Actually, the Kodak wins hands down if you consider the cost per pic, given the very affordable Kodak cartridge replacement costs. 8×11 pics printed on Kodak ultimate paper(24lb 98 brightness) were also very good, but you have to use the best setting to get a decent looking pic(normal setting sucks). My HP matches the Kodak’s performance using plain 20lb paper, so for large pics on plain paper, I will use the HP. The duplexer is excellent. 2 sided printing was quick and easy, but you do have to learn the menus first to use the advanced features. Not a big deal. The scanner is a little slower than average, I think. Still, not a real issue since i’m not a power user. The copier function worked well, though it’s a little slower than my Epson RX-595 with the first copy. I have a Xerox personal copier that beats them both anyway so except for color copies (I do few), not an issue. I think the wide disparity in the reviews is due more to manufacturing quality control of some of the components than bad design of product and software. Bad design and software would affect all the units. All in all an excellent machine so far, price not withstanding. Definately worth the only $99 I paid. Replacement cartridges for the others would cost almost that, which is how I ended up with my Epson RX-595..lol(also just $99). Replacement ink for my Epson stylus 320 would have been $90. For $10 more I got newer, better cartridges and an all-in-one thrown in with them!

The Kodak 5500 is a definate recommendation, especially at the reduced prices now being offered.”

“I have several of this family printers in my extended family. They produce superior prints at a very affordable cost.

The only problem experienced so far ended up being a corrupt installation of Windows XP. When the printer was moved to another computer, it performed perfectly.

On one printer I did have a clogged print head. Kodak FEDex’d me a new print head and ink cartridge set overnight. End of problem. When I returned the print head (shipping prepaid by Kodak) they sent me a 2nd set of ink cartridges! Total cost to me $0.00.

Kodak stated deep cleaning the print head uses a lot of ink, the extra free ink was a courtesy due to the amount of ink used diagnosing the problem.”

“I purchased the 5500 Kodak EasyShare printer three months ago, it replaced a HP 2175 printer. The HP cartridges were very expensive, plus the draft printing mode did not print up to par.I also had to change the HP 57 to a HP 58 cartridge just for printing photos. I have used everything on the Kodak except the fax mode, the two sided feature is great, the draft mode is just as good as the final mode on the HP, it scanned great and the pictures were A1. The Kodak cartridges cost aprox. $10 for black and $15 for color,it’s a little less if you get the combo pack, and since I do a lot of printing this is a big savings. The Kodak cartridges last a lot longer than the HP’s. The HP is a very good printer and it starts faster than the Kodak, but overall the 5500 is a better bang for the money.

I only had one jam in three months and that was caused when I forgot I had two sided printing and reversed a one sided copy that had an edge that was curled.”

“From reading the reviews on this printer it seems most people either love it or hate it. I fall into the first category. This is the 4th inkjet printer I have owned and without a doubt it is the best so far. Ignoring the fact that the ink is so much cheaper I haven’t run into a single function that didn’t work as advertised. I’ve scanned, copied, printed pictures, printed text and used the ADF. So far I haven’t encountered a single problem. The only thing that I can think of that I haven’t done is duplex printing. I would definitely recommend this printer.”

“O.k. I know there are some mixed reviews about the new line of Kodak printers but the plain truth is every manufacture can make a mistake and rush their product to market. The price and overall savings is well worth taking the risk. Afterall Kodak will stand behind these printers 100% in the event of a malfunction. After doing extensive reviews on various brands and features I decided to give the 5500 a shot. I have not been the least bit disapointed. The unit came well packaged and the installation instructions are easy to follow. All printer functions installed effortlessly. I use this unit not only for my buisness but for printing large volume flyers for our church. One of the key features that sold me was it comes with a duplexing unit for printing two sided prints. This is a great feature that I paid over $75.00 for as an accessory for my HP d135xi. The only negetive I have for this unit is that the color is not as crisp as other units I have used. On the other hand the fact that I can buy almost 200 4×6″ photo paper, a color print cartridge and a black print cartridge cheaper than a single color cartridge for my old d135xi makes me smile every time I buy supplies. Now that Kodak is trying to rebuild its image on these printers we get the benefit of low printer prices and even better supplies. Go ahead and go with the Easyshare 5500, your wallet will thank me later.”

“I should first explain that I’m in my mid-40s and have been using personal computers and printers for the last 25 or so years and I’m very good with troubleshooting the usual issues that arise with the related equipment. That being said, I haven’t experienced any major issues with this Kodak 5500 all-in-one (AIO) printer, which I’ve been using for about a month now.

I’m running Windows Vista 64-bit on an HP Pavilion M9200T (Intel quad processor) with 6 GB RAM (although I just added 2 GB RAM so I was running the printer with 4 GB)…I’m sharing the printer on my home network (with a USB A/B switch). The other PC that’s always hooked up the same way (aside from a couple of laptops) is an HP Pavilion M9350z (AMD quad processor) with 4 GB RAM, also with Vista 64-bit.

Everything on the 5500 AIO printer works as it should. The duplexer works great!…the document printing works great!…the photo printing works great! (I love the dedicated 4×6 photo paper tray!)…the document feeder and scanner work great!…the memory card reader works great!…the ink usage is great!…the price is great!

The only teeny-tiny issue that arose was with the software-the bi-directional communication wasn’t working as it should (I couldn’t see the ink levels, and the PC thought the printer was printing when it was). I knew it wasn’t any big deal but still wanted to correct that so I went out to Kodak’s Web site, downloaded and installed the updated drivers/software and the printer’s firmware. Everything has been perfect ever since.

Folks, I honestly cannot find any negative comments about this printer, and certainly none that even come close to previous complaints from other users (NO, I do not work for Kodak or any of its affiliates).”