Kodak Printer EasyShare Dock 6000

Kodak EasyShare PrinterKodak EasyShare Printer Dock 6000 (for CX/DX 6000, LS 600 & LS 700 Series Cameras) (Printer Dock Only)

Kodak – EasyShare Printer Dock 6000 for All Kodak Series 6000/7000 and LS743/753 – ESCDPRINTER

  • Create great-looking, borderless 4 x 6-inch photos at the touch of a button
  • Transfer your pictures from camera to computer at the touch of a button
  • Works with all Kodak EasyShare CX/DX 6000 and LS 600 series cameras
  • Share your pictures with ease–even viewa slide show on your TV
  • Use it with or without a PC


K. Parry: “My husband and I just picked up the Kodak Easy Share 6340 camera and really enjoyed its ease of use to send photos via email. I found this printer dock and was really interested in it, but was leery about the quality of the photos. We went to a store nearby where they had sample paper available with the camera. I was really amazed at the qualiy- they are most definitely comparable to store-developed photos. So we picked this up and brought it home.
Setup is a breeze. I only had to take a peripheral look at the setup instructions, and it was up and ready to print within 5 minutes. I just snapped the camera into the dock and it automatically selected the first available photo and asked if I wanted to print it. I scrolled through until I found the photo I wanted and pressed the “print” button.
The printer feeds the first page through and prints one color on the page at a time: first yellows, then reds, and finally blues. Once it has been fed through those three times, the paper goes back into the printer; I assume this is to finish the surface or something. Tear off the extra paper with the perforated edges and you have a photo-store quality photo.
This is a rather expensive item, but my husband and I are HORRIBLE about getting film developed. Having a 2-year-old daughter, we are not exactly winning any points in the family’s eyes since we have very few photos available to show or give to anyone. Now we can just print the photos we like to keep or give to friends and family.
What is helpful about this printer as opposed to using the photo setting of a standard printer are two factors: it’s small and easy to take on a trip if need be, and the paper comes with a cartridge. When you have used up all the paper, the cartridge is empty too; no more printing and having the ink give out halfway through your project.
All in all, an excellent product, especially if you are like me and seem to be unable to find your way to a photo developing place!”

“I just got this camera and it’s so wonderful! I love to take pictures, and since I am away from family and friends, it makes it a snap to keep in touch.
A lot of discussion has been made about price per photo, but honestly I spend about $15 to get one of those new Picture CD’s and Prints for just 1 roll of film! Then most of the pictures I didn’t even want prints of! So, in the long run the price per pic may be higher, but you decide which ones you want to print– and THAT is invaluable.”

Graecyn King says:

“This has to be one of man’s greatest creations next to the camera itself. I own a Kodak CX6330 digital camera, and had never even heard of this printer until last week when I bought it. (Yes I’ve only had my camera for a week!) I read about this printer dock actually on accident when I was surfing Amazon.com for good rechargeable batteries to use. I ran across the dock, read about it, saw the reviews and decided that there was no way this thing actually prints flawless pictures. I decided I had to see it for myself. So I went to a local Staples that had one sitting out on display for example use and WOW… this thing is no joke. Photolab quality photos in a minute and a half. I was sold on the first picture this little baby printed out for me. The only word I could think of at the time was “Incredible”.
Like most people have said, it is in fact expensive to use… but I said it once and I’ll say it again, I’ll PAY the extra 30 cents a print to be able to print the photos at home, on demand, any time of day or night, and print only the ones I want. The convenience and the quality you recieve for the price of this printer are worth far more then how much you’re paying per print. This is truly a necessity for any avid photographer, or anyone that loves to take pictures. It is, in a word, Incredible.”

“I cannot say enough great things about this printer, it is absolutely incredible. I went to Target specifically to purchase this printer and was talked into another one by the guy who worked there – boy did I regret that! I got the other printer home and hooked it up and HATED it (I won’t say the brand). I knew right away that I should go with my instinct and buy the printer I had planned on, and really regretted listening to him. Well, the next day I went and got the Kodak printer for my DX6340 and am so glad I did!! It hooks up soooo easily, charges my batteries, allows you to scroll through your pictures and pick and choose what you want, it is amazing, even my husband thought it was cool (he was not impressed with the other one).

If you own a Kodak camera GET THIS PRINTER!! It was made for the Kodak and prints out Kodak quality pictures effortlessly. It is a little more expensive then some of the other ones, and I have yet to find it on sale, but man is it worth it!

Kodak User in Texas”

Mary says:

“This printer is great! The photos are very high-quality. It is NOT an inkjet printer. I am a scrapbooker and love the fact that I can print out archival quality photos from home –instantly~!

You do not need to have a Kodak Easyshare camera to use this printer (even though I have one and love it). You can just use it as a printer by itself.”

Joanna says:

“I have 3 digital cameras and usually take pictures and then never really develop or look at them. This printer is in a class by itself. Nothing compares. I buy Sony everything, but not this baby. The camera and the printer are worth the price of admission. Just took the kids to Disneyworld, and I already have photo-lab quality pictures in my Disney scrapbook and the kids helped out. What a cool thing. Do not even think of anything else. I did, and nothing compares.”

Dan says:

“We have been using this dock CONSTANTLY since our baby was born…and it has worked perfectly every time, producing excellent photos! I use the EasyShare DX6440 camera with it.

A few things about the cost-per-print issue. If you are paying 60-62 cents per print, you are not looking hard enough for a good price. I’ve found deals that knock the price down to 50 cents per print or better.

Also…the dock and the included software make it very easy to place 2 or 4 different pictures on one 4×6 piece of paper. This is handy if you want to, for example, send pictures of your baby to family/friends, and show your baby in different poses without using up as much paper.

And finally…the convenience is well worth the cost. I love having a print in my hands a couple of minutes after taking the picture. The dock is VERY portable as well…just need a nearby outlet. I was printing pictures in the hospital right after the baby was born! Definitely worth the extra cost, in my opinion.

A first-class printer all the way!”

Punky says:

“I saw this item for sale in a Staples ad – $199.95, before a $50.00 mail-in rebate. I also had a $30.00 coupon I received from Staples. So I decided to try this out – for $119.95 plus tax, why not?

The setup was very easy. Pulled all the parts out of the box, then assembled it, which means filling up the paper tray and hooking the paper tray to the printer dock. Then put in the color cartridge, then plug it in. To print just from the camera, you truly do not ever need to turn on any computer.

I placed my Kodak CX6200 digital camera (paid $95.00 for this) onto the dock, and in just a few moments I had a printed picture from the camera. Other reviews about the quality of the pictture are true. It looks like a photo lab-developed picture. I am impressed with it so far.

Then I hooked it up to my computer (you install a printer driver on your computer, then you can use it with your computer after you hook it up with a USB cable) and printed a picture that I have on my hard drive. The docking station hooks up to your computer via the USB cable of your camera, so if you do not have a digital camera with a USB cable, you will need to get a USB cable to hook it up to your computer (the docking station does NOT come with its own USB cable). Once again, easy to do, and an excellent result. I used the Kodak EasyShare software that came with my camera to select and print the picture from my computer’s hard drive.

It comes with a starter kit of 10 pages of Kodak photo paper (to print out 4X6 photos), and one printer cartridge. Evidently you can buy refills that have 40 pages of Kodak photo paper and a printer cartridge for about $25.00. This is how you figure about 62 cents per picture ($25.00 divided by 40 = $.625).

So overall, this appears to be a “keeper” for me. The retail price ($199.95) is kind of high – but if you can be patient and wait for another rebate to come out, and/or use a coupon like I did from Staples, then you can get this for quite a bit less. And I believe you will like the quality of the prints.”