Kodak Printer EASYSHARE

Kodak PrinterKodak Printer  EASYSHARE 5100 All-in-One – Multifunction ( printer / copier / scanner ) – color – ink-jet – printing (up to): 32 ppm (mono) / 22 ppm (color) – 100 sheets – Hi-Speed USB, Bluetooth – AC 110 V

Fantastic prints don’t need to be expensive. Kodak has developed a revolutionary inkjet system Easyshare 5100 that gives you crisp, sharp black documents and brilliant photos.

  • Prints, Copies & Scans
  • Prints Lab-Quality Photos In 28 Seconds
  • Uses Convenient 2-Cartridge, 6-Ink System


“I am so happy with my new 5100. I got my new printer at Walmart for $99, after finding the ink cartridges I needed for my old Lexmark were going to cost me over $70 for color and black. I have not really been happy with my Lexmark print quality and the printer drank ink. I was very motivated to try the Kodak.

My first impression, out of the box, was the complexity of the install. I read through all the instructions before getting started and was very glad that I know something about computers. Kodak might consider making installation a bit easier, because it was quite a chore. I had problems getting the printer to print the page that calibrates the printer. I was glad for the printer paper that was included. I would have been in trouble without it.

Once installed, I started testing my printer. I printed one 4X6 photo, a 25 sheet report, 150 business cards, 6 pieces of sheet music and my tax forms for 2007. My ink is STILL showing at 100%. The print quality was excellent. I was able to print all my docs in draft mode and they look great. Draft mode on my Lexmark was grainy and looked washed out. I was so amazed at the crispness of the colors. Plus, printing is nearly twice the speed of my Lexmark. The pages shot out so fast, it startled me a bit.

The paper tray is annoying a bit. It is a fold out piece that fits up into the paper tray. If this piece is not folded out, your papers end up on the floor. Folded out, it seems very flimsy and some care must be taken to make sure it does not break. If you break it off, you will have nothing to catch your papers with.

The printer is a bit noisy. It is rather loud when it is printing and from time to time, just seems to come on by itself. I think it is cleaning the printer head.

I am also concerned about the cost of a replacement head. I says the head is permenant but no printer head has ever been created that lasts forever. The cost of a replacement head could be quite high, as with other models that have separate heads/inks (ie: cannon multijets) But with the ink costs so low, as long as the printer head lasts for a good number of pages, it will be so worth not paying $70 for ink. I will keep printing and see how it goes. If something changes, I will record it here but for now, I am totally happy with my new printer.

Overall, I give the Kodak 4 STARS!!!”

“Save your money! I’ve had this machine for 6-7 mos. now and the print quality has gotten worse & worse to the point that it doesn’t matter how much ink is available, nor does it matter how many maintenance tasks are performed (ie printhead cleaning, calibration). I spent way too long on a online chat w/Kodak tech support today and got no answers. Finally came to the conclusion (thru online troubleshooting program) that it is a failed printhead and Kodak is sending me a replacement. Failed printhead w/less than a year’s use and barely any usable printing. Ink is cheap, but this machine goes thru it quickly…be warned.

Original review:

“I picked up this Kodak all-in-one after my 2nd Lexmark all-in-one had a paper feed/roller issue. I didn’t read any reviews beforehand so I went in blind, hoping that because it was a Kodak, it would be as good as expected.

I went in looking for an all-in-one that would have the photo paper tray and a regular paper tray on the bottom, not sticking off the back (like Lexmark & others). So, I was happy to find a Kodak that had exactly what I was looking for in that area. The machine itself it a bit bigger & bulkier than my last one, but that’s not too big of an issue.

The machine overall performs well. The paper print quality is good to excellent, the photo print is excellent & water resistent. The printing speed is decent once the paper actually feeds into the print process. This is my biggest problem with the machine. Once you click print, the machine does the normal “gonna print” start up noises, then the paper feed rollers start rolling like they are going to pull the paper in…but that noise/action goes on & on for awhile before you actually hear the paper get pulled in & the printing starts. It’s quite a delay in actual print time and it’s annoying. This feature makes it a noisy machine, worst I’ve owned as far as noise level.

Ink is much cheaper to replace on this machine than any other I’ve owned, but I don’t yet know how quickly it uses up the ink. So time will tell if it’s actually cheaper in that respect.

Overall, worth the money if you don’t mind the noise & slower printing. I think that Kodak needs to improve on the noisy paper feed issues on this machine.”

“Let me confess from the start, I adore Kodak. My adoration goes all the way back to pocket cameras, and those touching Sunday night TV commercials that use to run back in the 1960’s: “Where are you going my little one, little one? Where are you going my baby, my own? Turn around and you’re two, turn around and you’re four, turn around and you’re a young girl going out of the door. Turn around…turn around…turn around….”

My only digital camera is a Kodak DX6490, and I’ve had it for over five years, with no problems whatsoever. (I only wish I had the money to get the newest one with the 24x optical zoom!) When I saw Kodak was finally coming out with an average consumer type printer again, I was very happy to see that. Only, I couldn’t afford one, and I already had two Canon printers, including the exceptional i960 photo printer. Then, a friend saw refurbished Kodak printers at a liquidation type store, he bought the 5500 for himself, and picked up this one for me for $50.

I had sadly heard people were having all types of problems with these printers, so was anxious to see how my refurbished one would do. It has worked fine from the start. It’s a beautiful big, heavy printer that can read what type of paper is in the tray. And the photos are beautiful. I have yet to do a comparison with the i960, though. My friend was having trouble with his, until I discovered that it kept telling him he had the wrong paper, because he was trying to print something from online when he had 4×6 photo paper loaded. Then, it continued to say he had the wrong size paper, when I clearly saw he had 8×10 in the lower tray, after taking out the 4×6. Looking closer, I saw it was photo paper, though, and not plain paper. So, apparently the printer could detect what type of paper was in the tray, and would not allow printing from online…thus, saving his photo paper from being wasted.

Of course, one of the biggest draws of these printers is the ink cost. The suggested retail price for the black ink is only $9.99, and $14.99 for the color. The 5-color cartridge is huge, too! Anyone who has ever owned an HP printer will laugh…knowing HP would be charging at least $55 for such a big color cartridge, if it was one of their own.”

“Typically when we buy a computer we expect that it will work perfectly all the time. Things happen. Ocassionally paper will jam as a fluke. This printer is an awesome printer if you babysitting it all the time to make sure the other shoes does not fall. The ink is considerably less than other printers and the quality has the “wow” factor. It pales by comparison the hours…I mean hours you spend on the phone with KODAK. I love the kodak quality the company produces over the years, except for recently, it has gone seriously down hill. They did not stand by their product. Kodak used to be the best on the market for designers twenty years ago.

I am now looking at better replacements for my printer. Good luck!”

“This is really a good concept and basically it’s all there, it just seems like a “beta” version.

The price was VERY good (around $100 in summer 2007 at Best Buy) and ink cartridges do not seem to be expensive, but they do appear to get used up very quickly relative to the small amount of printing I do. Photo printing, when everything is going right and print head is OK, is very good. You can tell it’s not real photo printing but it’s very good and (as long as you use the premium photo paper) completely suitable for all non-commercial applications. Just my opinion. Printing on standard paper is OK for text and, as you’d expect, not so great for color photos.

So that’s the positive side. The downside is the software is glitchy and the printheads seem to get clogged or become defective easily.

We had to send the first unit back as the scanning capability was totally broken out of the box. Lots of time with Kodak help line, and lots of time spent on my own, but all replcement was 100% free. Still, what a pain.

The “All-in-One Home Center” software is not that complicated but seems to get glitchy, in so many little ways that I don’t even want to bother trying to list it all. Multiple errors when scanning, just weird glitchy stuff, can’t save a file to certain directories, retains the previous scan in memory even though the application is re-started and new document scan is made, etc. AND, this cannot scan to pdf file! Only jpg, bmp, png and tif. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software several times and loked for upgrades in an attempt to get to a stable and functional status. And yes, when color ink gets low, the printer shuts down and you can’t even get a black and white to print.

Reached a point earlier this summer where printing got worse and worse and finally was complete junk. Kodak help is OK, pretty good actually, and speaks English well, but I had to walk thru all the basic steps with them (which I had already done previously) and an hour later found that a new printhead was needed. To be fair to Kodak, they did all they can to help and I received a new printhead free of charge. On my Dell duo-core PC machine running WinXP SP3- I get constant messages that new hardware (Kodak aiO 5100)has been detected and that I should register. I’ve registered a half-dozen times already,. It’s very frustrating. Again, it’s just very glitchy software. And the separate “Easy Share” software seems useless…stuff for bored teenage girls to mess around with. I uninstalled it permanently.

Bottom line, for $100, it’s really not bad. Decent photos, prints and scans. But this could be a great product if all the bugs were removed.”

“I have had this particular printer for two years now. I am a stay at home mom, and work from home. For 6 months I was an in store merchandiser. Which basically meant I went in checked inventory and various other things with each job there was tons of paperwork that I was required to print out. And I do mean TONS!! This printer never failed me while it was in constant operation.

For three to four months I worked exclusively online and did not need to print. By this time my Kodak 5100 is a year old or so. When I did eventually try to print there were problems. I called the number on my printer, within a few days received a new print head and was back in business. That has been about a year and while I think about updating to the newer model, I am sticking with this one until it quits completely.

For the average home use and occasional picture printing this is a wonderful printer. Very reliable, simple to use and the ink is SUPER CHEAP!!! I dont know about other people but I do not find that the ink goes more quickly or is of lesser quality than other printers. I purchase ink for the Kodak on about the same schedule I did any other printer. Maybe a little more often when printing pictures. This is a decent printer for the price.”